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With the introduction of the SteriWeb Medical Surgical Site System™ to prevent Surgical Site infections (SSI's), there is no longer the need to ponder a choice for preventing and/or treating SSI's among the dozens of available products on the market. In spite of all of the available treatments, the United States Surgical Site Infection rate has held steady at an average of 2% of all surgeries. This has created, and will continue to create, an enormous financial (billions of dollars) and human cost (increased morbidity and mortality) until an effective methodology is employed.

In the hospital environment, bacteria, including pathologic bacteria, are everywhere: the air, every exposed surface, under fingernails, etc. All attempts to eliminate pathogens from the environment have proven futile while pathologic bacterial resistance is steadily increasing. The simultaneous use of an SPD dressing, which prevents all extrinsic pathogens from reaching the surgical incision site, and the application of long-lasting Omnicide Gel, which has been shown to eliminate the possibility of growth of any and all pathogens* while in contact with the wound, provides a state of the art solution to the problem of Surgical Site Infections.

* Go to http://steriwebrx.com/links/ for the full lab reports supporting our claim.

Introducing The SteriWeb Medical Surgical Site System


SteriWeb Medical's Omnicide™ PHMB (0.5%) Wound Gel is a long-lasting, petrolatum-based gel, with proven efficacy against all known pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

  • Zero cytotoxicity
  • Clinically proven against pathogenic bacteria and fungi including MRSA, VRE, and CRE
  • Gel is directly applied to the wound or surgical site, preventing dressing adherence and subsequent wound disruption
  • Proven to remain effective for a minimum of one week
  • Available as single-use (5ml) syringe style applicators or multi-use (60ml) tubes.


The SteriWeb Medical FDA approved Surgical Protective Device (SPD™) is the world's first breathable, antibiotic/antimicrobial free, adhesively bound surgical site/wound barrier that is bidirectionally impenetrable to pathogens and fluid. Exclusive design protects both the patient and caregiver from airborne pathogens while promoting natural healing via oxygenation of the wound.

  • Chemical-free
  • Bidirectional, 100% entrapment/elimination of airborne pathogens 0.1 microns and above, including all bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • Bidirectional fluid barrier
  • Breathable at 200+ CFM throughput
  • Promotes natural healing
  • Two-year sterilized shelf life
  • Available in five sizes to meet all wound care needs


Every hospital in the world is pondering its hospital-acquired infection rates, especially those directly attributed to surgery.

The Surgical Site Infection Rate (SSI) varies from hospital to hospital and country to country. In the U.S the reported SSI Rate hovers between 1 and 3% with a 2.7% mean. In the U.S. the average cost per infection for the treatment of SSI's is $25,000. For a small hospital with EXTREMELY low infection rates the figures could look like this;

10,000 surgeries per year x 1% (infection rate) = 100 SSI's
100 SSI's x $25,000 = $2.5 million dollars in lost revenue.

This does not account for unpublicized legal costs, which dwarf this number. Lawyers are visiting hospitals passing out cards to every patient on antibiotics and calling home health-care centers looking for clients.

So, is $55-65 per patient, including the cost of the SPD wound covering and Omnicide, a good value proposition to drastically reduce these costs? You've seen the data. You've seen the math.

Each country has its own system of collecting payment for medical treatment, but regardless of where and how...

This $ystem Will; $ave Time, $ave Lives and $ave Money!

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